Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not every appreciates our sense of humor....

So today didn't go exactly as planned. The plan is to drop it off at night, after dark, so people can be surprised when they wake up in the morning. We tried to drop it off last night but the recipients turned on flood lights and we left- thinking they wanted to "catch" us. Turns out they thought we were dropping off garbage or stray animals (I guess this has happened to them before). So it was dropped off an another house. I went this afternoon to take a picture, it was in front of the wrong house.

Apparently the man who got it last night thought he would be funny & share it with his neighbor. She didn't appreciate the humor. She thought it was very inappropriate. So, no picture today- sorry folks. Hopefully the next recipient doesn't share the love- you never know what the neighbors will think!

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